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Origadream: The launch of the new Papercraft website

origadream website EN
origadream website

I am very excited to announce you the launch of the ORIGADREAM website today!


Origadream, what is it?

Origadream is the result of a common passion between paper and the 3D design. Through this passion we give people the possibility to realize some amazing sculptures with just simple pieces of paper. Welcome to the new DIY Papercraft world.
The principle is very simple: dettach precut pieces, fold them, glue pieces each other and voila!
– Origadream provides you all the precut parts needed to assemble your papercraft.
We precut the pieces in our premises (non-industrial way). It will be very easy to detach the pieces from the sheets of each kit. These pieces are also grooved / pre-scored to allow a very easy folding.

blog papercraft kit 1
All informations for assembling are printed in one face.
We apply a beautiful finishing color on the other side.
blog papercraft kit 3
All pieces are pre-scored for an easy folding.

– For each papercraft kit we provide a step by step PDF instruction manual which describes the assembly with understandable illustrations.
– Each kit also includes a double-sided strong adhesive. We prefers and recommend the use of this adhesive instead of a standard glue because you will get a beautiful and clean sculpture without smudge of glue. And it is more resistant.


Who is Origadream?

I’m Bruno S. and I’m very passionate of design. I draw since my youngest age. I think I remember that I create drawings inspired from comics at 7 years old. After a standard schooling I started studing Architecture for 3 years. While these very interesting studies I discover 3D modeling. With this new passion I decided to change course and became a 3D illustrator as a freelancer. I did work for major Parisian advertising agencies (like EURO RSCG).

Today I mix my know-how between 3D and drawing to propose Paper crafting. I am very impressed with the possibilities that can be obtained with paper and creativity.


Who is it for?

There are different levels of difficulty: easy to hard. But all our kits are designed for an optimal assembly, so most of them are relatively easy. The most important before to start a papercraft is to be patient. This is the key to succes of a successful Paper Craft.

All paper models are as well made for adults as for children. If you acquire a kit for your children, they must be assisted by an adult because you need to cut the double sided tape to assemble the pieces.

With these DIY Papercraft you will have a great pleasure to do it with family, children or friends.
What a wonderful idea to plan a crafty activity for the week end.
You will be proud of your sculpture and get a beautiful piece for your Home Decor!