It’s not easy to keep yourself busy during prolonged confinement (COVID). Papercraft could be one activity among others that can help you pass the time. That’s why Origadream offers you this free horse papercraft.

What you should need?

– Download the free Papercraft PDF Template
– 9 A4/US Letter paper sheets
– A cutter or scissors
– Glue or double sided tape


Print the papercraft pages with your favorite paper and your personal printer. A black and white printer will do.


Use a cutter with a ruler to cut all the pieces, however if you prefer to use scissors, that will be fine.


Each part contains folding information represented by 2 different types of lines. There are 2 types of folding.
– The MOUNTAIN folding (represented by small dashes very close together)
– The VALLEY folding (represented by big dashes very spaced)

To be more precise here is a video from my YouTube channel that shows you the basis:

I hope you have fun assembling this paper sculpture.

Free PDF Papercraft Horse

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