Today I’m gonna share with you an infinite DIY chain paper model, one of our Origadream free papercraft. This free papercraft chain template might be a little difficult for those with big fingers! Because the pieces are small. You can assemble as many links as you wish in order to obtain the desired length with just simple A4 – US Letter paper sheets! All craft enthusiasts know that in the world of crafts the success of a good paper sculpture consists of a minimum of patience.

What you should need?

– Download your Origadream free PDF papercraft Template
– A4-US Letter paper sheets
– Scissors or cutter
– Glue or double sided tape

From now just follow the step-by-step instructions.


First print the pages of the original creation with your favorite paper and your home printer. Black and white printer will be great.


Now by using a cutter or scissor, just cut the pieces of the craft model by following the outline lines.


After the cut you have to fold all the parts according the fold lines.

To know more about valley fold and mountain fold technic look at the following video tutorial also available on my YouTube Channel


I decided to use a standard white wood glue.

Assemble the chain

Don’t forget to insert the first link before to close the second link!.


spray glue on the free pdf template.
Now it’s time to apply color on your chain template with color of your choice. To give a funny style I decided to use a purple glitter powder.


It’s your turn and I hope you will enjoy assembling this little paper sculpture.

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