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My Little Bonsai

I’m very happy to share with you “My Little Bonsai”. This is a fun DIY Papercraft Template.

What you should need?

well, a little pot, a good breeding ground, a little seed, water and… a lot of patience!

More seriously, here is what you should need:
– Download the DIY Paper Craft PDF Template
– 2 A4/US Letter paper sheets
– A cutter or scissors
– Glue or double sided tape


free pdf papercraft
Print the PDF Papercraft

For mine I decided to use 3 colors.
So I had to print 1 page for the tree foliage and grass (page number 2)
and twice the same page for the bonsai trunc and pot (page number 1).



paper cut craft
Cut all the pieces

I did use a cutter and a ruler to cut all pieces, but if you prefer to use a scissor, that is great too.
In my opinion it’s one of the most tedious parts when you start a Paper Craft, but let’s not be so impatient,
the final result is worth.



Fold all the bonsai pieces
Fold all the pieces

It’s time now to start the folding process. Each pieces contains folding informations represented by two lines of different type.
Here there are two ways to do a folding.
– The Mountain folding (represented by short narrow lines)
– The Valley folding (represented by long spaced lines)
To be more precise here is a video from my YouTube channel that shows you the basis:

Fold all the pieces.


double sided tape for Bonsai papercraft pieces
Apply double sided tape on flaps

For my Papercrafts I use double sided tape for assembling. If you prefer you can use a standard glue for that.
But for this tutorial we will focus on this technique of assembly instead of standard glue.
If you want to see more you can watch the quick video of the Unicorn that shows the process of a Papercraft assembly.

Apply on all the pieces…


Assemble the bonsai

free papercraft bonsai - piece 1
Bonsai – Piece Number 1

This part is definitively my favorite! It’s a real pleasure to see the progress of the sculpture.
So let’s start with the piece number 1 that consists of a part of the bonsai foliage.


diy papercraft bonsai number 2
Bonsai – Piece Number 2

Assemble the piece number 2 with the piece number 1 each other.



Papercraft Bonsai piece number 3
Bonsai – Piece Number 3

Assemble now the piece number 3.


Papercraft bonsai piece number 4
Bonsai – Piece Number 4

Now let’s finish the bonsai foliage with the piece number 4. There should only be one small hole!


Papercraft bonsai piece number 5
Bonsai – Piece Number 5

Assemble the trunk with the piece number 5.


Papercraft bonsai piece number 6
Bonsai – Piece Number 6

Assemble the grass with the piece number 6.


Papercraft bonsai piece number 7
Bonsai – Piece Number 7

Now Let’s start the pot with the piece number 7.
TIPS: I recommend to start with the number 13.


Papercraft bonsai piece number 8
Bonsai – Piece Number 8

And now it’s time to finish with the last piece! The piece 8.
TIPS: I recommend to start with the number 8.


free pdf download
Free Papercraft Bonsai

I hope you will enjoy assembling this little paper sculpture. Minecraft fans could love this papercraft!


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