Free Papercraft Diamond

Today I’m gonna share with you a very simple and easy paper craft to do yourself.
This diamond project is a good paper folding for beginners and hobbyists.
You will get a good-looking 3D paper model with just simple A4 – US Letter paper sheets!
All craft enthusiasts know that in the world of crafts the success of a good paper sculpture consists of a minimum of patience. But with this stuff you just should need 15mn to 30mn.

What you should need?

– Download the free papercraft PDF Template
– 2 A4-US Letter paper sheets
– Scissors or cutter
– Glue or double sided tape… that’s all!

From now just follow the step-by-step instructions.


Print your free PDF template

First print the 2 pages of the original creation with your favorite paper and your home printer. Black and white printer will be great.


Cut the papercraft pieces

Now by using a cutter or scissor, just cut the 2 pieces of the craft model by following the outline lines. It should look like a star split in two pieces.



Fold all pieces

After the cut you have to fold all the parts according the fold lines. This 3D paper toy template is very particular because there is only one direction of folding for all the lines: a valley fold.
To know more about valley fold technic look at the following video tutorial also available on my YouTube channel.


Apply adhesive or glue.

For my craft models I use to apply a double sided tape for assembling the parts each other. But you can use a standard glue if you don’t have it.
Here is a video showing how I apply double sided tape on parts.

Assemble the diamond

Stick the first piece

Start with the first piece Number 1. Stick the first side. And continue with the other slices.

The first shape finished

When you have finished the part number 1 you should get the half of the diamond papercraft.

Assemble the second part.

Then stick the piece number 2 with the piece number 1. And continue to stick all the slices.

The final diamond shape.

And now you should get the final diamond shape! Very easy isn’t it?!


Apply color paint on the diamond

Now it’s time to paint your diamond shape with color of your choice. To give a modern and luxurious style I decided to use a silver and gold effect paintbrush. It gives amazing papercraft models to exhibit for your home decor.

It’s your turn and I hope you will enjoy assembling this little paper sculpture.

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Free PDF Papercraft Diamond


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