New Paper for quality sculptures

Origadream Premium Paper

Vibrant Colors

We are very happy to announce the change of our paper for all our kits to a better paper. We replace our first paper with a better quality premium paper. We now offer a very wide range of vibrant colors. With this awesome variety of color choices you will have the opportunity to customize your sculpture yourself as you imagine!
This paper is mass-coloured allowing parts precut to have the colorful slice.

Very thick

Another very interesting feature: the paper is very thick!
We propose a 300 gsm paper. By choosing a paper from this thickness we optimize the solidity of the sculpture by making it more robust.

Premium Metal Effect

Give a luxurious look to your papercrafts.
In addition of the very wide color choice, we propose two Metal Effect papers.
Gold and Silver paper. You will be very impressed by the realism of this paper. Its texture will take all its effect according to its exposure to light. This paper is also mass-colored and very thick (280 gsm). You will adopt it!

See example of colors selector for a sculpture here.