Today I am going to share with you a free printable Cobra snake mask papercraft. This free origadream is more or less difficult depending on your experience in making 3D paper!

Assembly tutorial is available on Origadream’s youtube channel. CLICK HERE

papercraft gratuit à imprimer

What will you need?

– Download your free papercraft template in PDF format
– 6 Sheets of A4 paper
– Scissors or cutter
– Glue (white liquid wood glue type)


First print the pages of the original creation with your favorite paper and your personal printer. A black and white printer will do.


Now, using a cutter or scissors, just cut out the papercraft model pieces following the contour lines.

How to fold the Origadream Papercraft?

After cutting, you need to fold all the parts along the fold lines.

The 3D papercraft folds along 2 types of lines:
– The Valley Fold (Big dashes)
– The Mountain Fold (Small dashes)

Comment plier

To be more precise here is below a video of my channel YouTube which shows the principle of the 2 types of folding:

It’s up to you and I hope you enjoy assembling this free paper origadream.

©Origadream – not for resale and reproduction. I gladly accept the use of this template for your website, blog, YouTube channel… You must credit the author Origadream. The file of this template must not be hosted by you or a third party, You can share Origadream download link.

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